5 Engagement Photography Tips

How to Get the Most out of Your Engagement Photos

Engagement Photography Tips by Artistrie Co.


I've probably been quoted more than a few times that engagement sessions are one of my favorite parts about my job. Simply it's because I have so much fun doing them! As a photographer, it's really my chance to get to know you before the wedding day. During your session, I get to experience how you interact with one another naturally, find out who might be a little camera shy, and learn more about you and your relationship. After dishing some of my favorite wedding photography tips the previous week, I had a great time passing along some of my insight about engagement photos. Here are the five tips I shared with you on the Artistrie Co. Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr last week. If you find these helpful, share with a friend to spread the love!


Engagement Photography Tip #1

For the best lighting, schedule your engagement session at either sunrise or sunset. During these two times of day, the sun is at a lower angle in the sky, resulting in perfectly soft and dreamy lighting for your pictures. You won’t be sorry.

Bonus Advice: While the wee hours of the morning aren't for everyone, there are some definite perks to doing an early morning sunrise session over a sunset session. With the rest of Chicago asleep, it feels like you have the city all to yourself. The spots that are usually crowded with tourists or flooded with traffic are quiet and peaceful. If you want the city, but not all the distractions, a sunrise session might be something to think about.


Engagement Photography Tip #2

When it comes to zeroing in on your perfect portrait location, consider settings that will make you feel comfortable and at home. Your pictures should feel like YOU. What places tell your story the best? Is it the train station where you met? Or your favorite little coffee shop? Do you love spending time hiking or at the beach? This can guide you to an engagement session that’s not only beautiful but incredibly unique and personal.

Bonus Advice: Struggling to think of *the* spot? Tell your photographer the story of how you met, your proposal or maybe your favorite date or an important milestone in your relationship. She can help find a creative way to retell that story in your photos and suggest picturesque locations to accompany it.


Engagement Photography Tip #3

Overcast isn’t a dirty word. While we all love a sunny day, overcast can look just as nice in photographs. Have no fear! Your pictures will still be beautiful.

Bonus Advice: Embrace whatever weather you are given. Your smiles and love will warm up the most overcast skies.


Engagement Photography Tip #4

When planning your engagement wardrobe, think polished and coordinated. Steer away from being too matchy-matchy. This is an opportunity to highlight your unique personalities and style - so let them shine through! Also super important - don't forget to think about the location where you'll be shooting. This should actually be the first thing you think about! For example, if you are taking photos in a forest, you would want to avoid wearing dark green colors that would blend into the background. Or if you wanted to take photos in front of a bright accent wall, wear a color that will contrast against it, but not blend. You want to be the focal point and stand out in your photos.

Bonus Advice: In my opinion, the key to a photogenic wardrobe is layering and textures. Let's look at the above photo. Our groom, Mike, is wearing a tweed blazer over a cotton tee. This mix of textures creates depth and dimension to the photo. Sara, our bride, added a vintage metallic belt which defines her waistline, but it also adds contrast to the soft and sheer fabric in her dress. When it comes to your own outfits, it can really be as simple as adding a jacket, blazer or accessory to take an outfit from good to great.


Engagement Photography Tip #5

Treat yo self! This is a fun and special moment of your engagement. Enjoy it! Take the afternoon off to get your hair and make up done. Splurge on that cute pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing. And since you’re all dolled up, make plans to go out and celebrate afterward. You deserve it!


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Did you enjoy these tips? Tell me your favorite in the comments section! Also, be sure to read back on our wedding photography tips for more.