6 Wedding Photography Tips for Brides

How to Get the Most out of Your Wedding Photos

Wedding Photography Tips by Artistrie Co.


I still vividly remember the very first wedding I ever shot on my own. A college student at the time, I didn't even own camera gear. I had to borrow/rent every piece of equipment for the day. For some reason I decided it was also necessary to bring my dad's 8' ladder with me. You know, just in case I wasn't tall enough for a photo op. Spoiler alert: I had no idea what I was doing. Weddings were still somewhat new to me at the time. I was super nervous and didn't know the right things to do to prepare. Luckily, I've come a long way since that day.

That was over 7 years ago, and after about 150 weddings since, I've learned that the more I prepare, the better my wedding day usually goes. I think the same goes for all of you, my brides and grooms: the more you plan and think about things in advance, the better you will feel going into it. I'm a firm believer in the more you put into something, the more you get out of it. For most of you, having beautiful wedding photos from your day is a number one priority, and I want to help make them as perfect as they can be. This week, I've been sharing daily tips with you on the Artistrie Co. Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr pages about wedding photography for your big day and how to get the most out of your pictures. Here are six wedding photography tips that will help you with your planning. Share your feedback in the comments and stay tuned next week for even more tips!

wedding photography tips

Wedding Photography Tip #1

At sunset, schedule in 10-15 minutes of down time for a mini photo session with your love. It will be nice to sneak away for a private moment and your photographer will LOVE you for it. Trust me.

Bonus Advice: The hours leading up to sunset are, hands down, the best time of day for your portraits. The low angle of the sun creates soft, golden light that looks simply magical in photographs. My clients love the way it looks! It gives them that running off into the sunset, happy ending kind of feeling.

wedding photography tips

Wedding Photography Tip #2

Family photos don't always have to be formal and stuffy! Think about where your family members will feel the most comfortable and what types of photos you'd like to have with them. Even if you are having a formal church ceremony, we can always find alternative location ideas for something more warm and inviting.

Bonus Advice: If you have any family dynamics that you are concerned about, share those with your photographer before the wedding day. We like to be familiar with your family tree so we can be as sensitive as possible in order to make everyone feel comfortable.

wedding photography tips

Wedding Photography Tip #3

For picture-perfect getting ready photos, remember to keep it clean. Ask your bridesmaids to help you tidy up the room before you get dressed. That way, there won’t be any lost pairs of sweatpants or pieces of garbage in the background of such a sweet and special moment.

Bonus Advice: In addition to getting ready in a clean room, remember to think about natural light. This goes for both ladies and gents. Once I know where the bride or groom will be getting ready,  I try to let in as much natural light into the room as possible. This helps illuminate the scene in a natural way so you don't have to worry about pops of flash blinding you as you get dressed. Plus, having that available window light will make the photos look incredibly glamorous.


Wedding Photography Tip #4

If you are excited about your decor and reception, help your photographers out by giving them time to capture those special details before the room opens to all of your guests. The best way to get magazine-worthy images of your celebration is by photographing the room while empty and before guests have placed their jackets on chairs and plates of food on the tables. We know you’ve put a lot of time and thought into the style of your wedding and we love being able to photograph these unique pieces for you!

Bonus Advice: If you are working with a tight timeline, be sure to have a second photographer included in your package. If needed, the second shooter can arrive to the reception for details shots and candids while your main photographer is with you taking your portraits.

Bonus Bonus Advice: Tell your wedding coordinator or caterer that you'd like to see the room first before opening it to your guests. After months of planning, it's nice to have a moment to soak it all in and appreciate all of your hard work!

wedding photography tips

Wedding Photography Tip #5

Smile, breath and go slowly. The sure-fire best way to have amazing wedding photos is by being present and fully appreciating every moment of your wedding. As busy as the day can be, remember to plan enough time to simply enjoy yourselves and feel the love. That’s what it’s all about anyway. :)

Bonus Advice: If you are worried about feeling stressed the day of your wedding, hire a wedding coordinator to help with your planning and be there for you throughout the day. They will take care of all the nitty gritty details so you can relax, sip that champagne, and enjoy!


Bonus Wedding Photography Tip #6

If you are feeling nervous about having your photo taken, schedule an engagement session with your wedding photographer. It is one of the best ways to gain confidence in front of the camera before the wedding day. You’ll feel more at ease knowing how your photographer works and you’ll already be familiar with their poses. This will give you one less thing to worry about on the wedding day and you'll gain some extra great photos of you and your fiance!

Bonus Advice: You can use your engagement photos in fun ways throughout your wedding. Many of my couples use them for their Save-the-Dates, but I've also seen lots of photo guestbooks, canvas prints, and eclectic frames filled with favorite photos scattered through the reception.


Did you enjoy these tips? Tell me your favorite in the comments section! Be sure to check back Monday on Facebook for Artistrie tips on engagement photos.