7 Reasons to Do a Boudoir Session

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Sunday, August 6


If you've been wondering about doing a boudoir session, you've come to the right place! I'm hosting my LAST boudoir marathon of 2017 on Sunday, August 6 and I have TWO spots left. Simply wanting to do a boudoir session is the first step. The next step: going for it! Everyone has a different reason for taking boudoir photos. So I want to hear from you: What is YOUR reason for doing a boudoir shoot? 

My reason for TAKING boudoir photos: Truthfully, the more I photograph boudoir, the more I love it. I started doing boudoir shoots on request here and there from my wedding clients, but this year, I decided to hit the ground running with it. What I love most is being able to capture the beauty of my clients, but in a way they have never seen before. Witnessing the reaction of my clients looking at their photos for the first time is AMAZING. Yes, these photos can make a nice gift for that oh-so-special someone, but don't do this for someone else. Do it for yourself! 

Join me on Sunday, August 6 for our last Boudoir Marathon of 2017!

Join me on Sunday, August 6 for our last Boudoir Marathon of 2017!

Here are just a few reasons to do a boudoir session directly from my clients. Send me your reason and I'll add it to my ever-growing list. :)

1) Surprise Your Fiance on the Wedding Day!
2) Celebrate an Anniversary or Milestone
3) Get Your After Baby Mojo Back!
4) Flaunt Your New Figure
5) Play Dress Up
6) Gain Confidence
7) Treat Yo' Self!

Ready to go for it!? Join me this Sunday, August 6! I have 2 spots left and would love to see you there! Email me at ashley@artistrieco.com for all of the details. I can't wait to work together.



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