What is a Branding Photo Shoot?

What is a Branding Photo Shoot?


I think it's so important for business owners to have photos of themselves working in their element. After all, people like to work with other people, and one simple photo can speak volumes about who you are and what your brand represents. I consider a branding photo to be something that is far beyond a standard headshot. In a properly branded photo, every little detail is taken into account. From the color palette, to wardrobe, to location, every image is stylized to represent your brand as a whole to create an impactful introduction to new clients. That's why I'm more excited than ever to work with entrepreneurs by crafting a cohesive collection of imagery that will represent their brand.

I'm not working to create a single photo for your "About Me" page. My branding photo shoots are designed to give business owners an array of photos that will aid their marketing needs. From photos of the people behind the brand, to their workspaces, finished products, client experiences and beyond, there are so many creative ways to use professional photography to your advantage.

Are you currently planning a photo shoot for your brand? Here are a few quick tips!

Color is Key

Everything from your wardrobe to the color of those delicately staged macaroons should be coordinated to the colors of your brand. If you're not sure where to start, take a look at your webpage and logo. What colors do you see? Everything you wear, hold, or display in the photo shoot should look like it belongs together.

Location, Location, Location

Location is everything! What types of settings will complement the style of your brand? If you envision something light, airy and clean, pick a place that is filled with natural light, incorporates neutral colored decor and white backdrops. Or, if your brand is more rustic, think of places with wooden textures and richer colors. Either way, you'll want a space that matches your brand identity.

Demonstrate Your Craft

Don't arrive to your shoot planning to only smile directly into the camera. Instead, think of activities you can do to make you feel at home and in your element. Demonstrate your craft and your business. If you're a florist, this can easily mean assembling a bouquet or some floral arrangements. If you're a planner, maybe you can stage an office meeting with your team. If you're a make-up artist, bring a friend or two along and work your magic on them for the perfect "in action" shot. The possibilities are truly endless.


I look forward to sharing more branding photo shoots with you throughout the week! On Friday, I will be giving away one FREE branding photo shoot to a creative entrepreneur. If you'd like that to be you, continue following along for more information!