Chicago Proposal: Dillon + Rachael

Chicago Proposal Photographer

Tonight, I had the pleasure of photographing a special and SECRET Chicago proposal at North Avenue Beach. SPOILER ALERT: She said yes. ;)

Dillon contacted me in April to discuss plans for me to photograph his Chicago proposal to his girlfriend, Rachael. I LOVE a good proposal, so of course, I was excited! The couple, from D.C., had never been to Chicago before. He figured a Chicago proposal would be a total surprise to Rachael —and he was right! The odds seemed against him today, with a big storm roaring through the city shortly before proposal time. As luck would have it, the skies cleared up and it ended up being the most beautiful night by the beach. A crowd of people on the beach applauded from afar as Dillon got down on one knee and asked Rachael to marry him. I was there to capture it all before Dillon whisked her away to a romantic dinner to celebrate. Congratulations to you both! Thank you so much for letting me be there to capture this special moment for you. :)