Augustana and Figge Art Museum Wedding

Quad Cities Wedding PhotographerDana + Bobby

I always love the opportunity to return to my alma mater, Augustana College, for a Quad City Wedding. Dana and Bobby met while students at Augustana and decided that the Quad Cities would be the perfect setting for their summer wedding.

Held at Ascension Chapel, Dana and Bobby incorporated a unique "water ceremony" as part of their nuptials. They collected samples from sentimental bodies of water, and then combined the waters together to represent their union. After the ceremony, we wandered around campus for some photo fun with their wedding party. It was fun to check out Old Main, the slough and the bell tower; the only thing I don't miss about Augustana is all of the stairs! Somehow, everyone managed (even with heels) and we moved on to the Davenport river front before arriving at the Figge Art Museum. The Figge is still one of my favorite reception venues in the Quad Cities. It's always a pleasure to shoot there. Dana and Bobby continued their yellow and blue color scheme at the reception and it looked beautiful. The centerpieces were named after their favorite lakes and rivers throughout the country. Their seating chart was a map of the United States with pins at each body of water, and then included a key of who was sitting at each table. It was adorable and fit in perfectly with their water ceremony! Dana and Bobby danced the rest of the night away before returning home to Seattle. It was such a blast to be apart of this wedding. Thanks Dana and Bobby for a lovely day!