Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday, Mom!


Today I'd like to take a moment to wish a happy birthday to my beautiful momma! Truth be told, she was the one who always knew I'd end up doing something with photography. Before going off to college, she suggested to me "Well, you're so good at taking pictures, you should study photography!" She was talking about my then portfolio of butterflies and dead flowers (Okay, actually she didn't like the dead flower picture idea, so she was really just talking about the butterflies ;)). Of course, I rolled my eyes at the idea and responded with "Mom, you can't make any money being a photographer, duh!" She has been saving her "I told you so" which is why I love her even more.

My mom is beautiful inside and out, sweet as pie, compassionate, thoughtful, and bakes me all the cookies and desserts I could ever want. Happy Birthday Mom!