3 Ways to Use Flowers in Your Engagement Session

Engagement Session Florals
by: Life in Bloom

Today, you guys are in for a real treat! Rachel, from Life in Bloom, is sharing 3 creative ways to decorate your engagement session with flowers! Thanks for sharing your tips, Rachel! We hope to see more of your beautiful blooms in the future.

Carry It

Sometimes when taking photos, you might wonder what to do with your hands. If you aren't used to having your photos taken, standing there in front of the camera can feel a little unnatural. A great solution to that is to give your hands something to hold onto:  We suggest holding onto a stunning bouquet of fresh flowers.  If you have an outfit already in mind, a floral palette with complimentary colors and style can help tie together the look and style that you are after.  Tip: Think understated and organic, as if you just picked them along a walk through a field.  Flowers can be beautiful but you don't want them to become the main focal of your engagement shoot, just an accent.

Wear It

Depending on the look you are going for, a simple floral crown might be a more appropriate way to accessorize.  Especially if, like us, you are a flower child at heart!  Engagement shoots present on opportunity to have some fun and let out your inner Boho flair. Tip: A balance of greenery and a touch of smaller blooms will add pops of floral without creating a disproportionate head piece that takes over your head.

Create a Scene

Perhaps you have a particular place in mind for your shoot that has some sentimental meaning to you and your significant other, but it doesn't have that finished look.  A lush centerpiece of seasonal flowers can be the perfect way to take your photos from good to Pinterest Perfection.  Maybe it's at a cute coffee shop or on a picnic blanket, in either scenario, a beautiful arrangement can go a long way and make for some great detail shots as well. Tip: Just like with a bouquet, the centerpiece should coordinate with your outfits so as  not to seem out of place.  Talking with your florist about your vision can lead to a very cohesive final product.

Learn more about Life in Bloom's expertise and see their beautiful floral designs by visiting their website! Thank you to Rachel for contributing today's blog post.