Lily + Jorge | Trash the Dress Michigan Wedding Photographer

My first post of 2013 goes to Lily and Jorge! With all the cold weather and snow, I felt like a summery and beachy post was just what the doctor ordered. Over a year after their Chicago wedding, Lily and Jorge were ready for wedding photos:round 2. We traded the city skyline, bridges and rainy Spring weather for dunes, beach and sunshine.

The session was broken down into three parts. The first was inspired by the day the couple first met. Jorge was playing his guitar at a concert. He saw Lily, for the first time, standing in the crowd, listening. Before he officially met her, he only knew her as the "girl in the red shirt". Little did Jorge know that the "girl in the red shirt" would someday become his "girl in the white dress". (He included this in his wedding vows. How adorable, right?!) Naturally, I had to ask Lily to wear a bright red shirt and for Jorge to bring his guitar. Afterward, we headed to the not-so-bride friendly public bathrooms of the Warren Dunes State Park. Luckily it wasn't the real wedding day, otherwise we would have been in trouble. Lily gave me my first wedding dress lesson and talked me through the process of lacing up her dress. Slowly but surely I figured it out and we were ready for the next part of our fun photo shoot. Lily and Jorge LOVE to travel. They decided that every year on their anniversary they will travel to a different country and explore together. Because of their travel-bug, we staged a picnic in the sand, complete with cupcakes, globes, maps, photos from their travels, vintage suitcases and more. Lily paired a blush-toned blazer with her dress for a romantic, vintage look. After Lily and Jorge finished their cupcakes, we headed to the water. Part three of this session was my favorite: it was  so playful and free. Watching them splash around in the water as the sun went down was SO much fun to capture. Everyone should have photos like these; where you're just in the moment, loving life and having a blast with the one you love. I couldn't think of anything better. Enjoy!