Morton Arboretum Engagement: Jessica + Ryan

Morton Arboretum Wedding Photographer

I love the Morton Arboretum. I've been there so many times this year, I feel like a regular! In fact, my dad even noticed my abundance of shoots and weddings at the Morton Arboretum. He called me one Sunday to discuss: "Ash, that Morton Arboretum place looks really nice from all of your photos. I think I'm going to take your mom there and spend the day. What do you think?". They went, took a fancy tour of the grounds, got lost in the Hedge Maze, and decided to become Morton Arboretum members. Boom. You're welcome, Morton Arboretum. ;)

When making plans for their engagement session, Jessica had two requirements: 1) she wanted beautiful green hedges, and 2) she wanted to frolic through a field of wild flowers. We were able to accomplish both of these things and a whole lot more for this Morton Arboretum engagement session. Jessica and Ryan are high school sweet hearts and it definitely shows. They are so sweet! Jessica's chic black lace and satin dress was perfect in the formal setting of the Hedge Garden. I loved the contrast of the black against the rich greenery. After wandering around the hedge maze, we transitioned to the Schulenberg Prairie, where Jessica changed into a cheery, bright red sun dress. They chased each other through the fields, laughed, played and danced. It was a beautiful evening at the Morton Arboretum! Thank you Jessica and Ryan for a great shoot. I can't wait to work with you both again at your wedding!