My Photography Roots

From Swing Sets to Weddings
My Photography Journey

A question I’m asked all of the time: How did you get into photography? Well, the answer is actually slightly adorable. Let me share!

I can’t tell you exactly when, where, or why my photography fascination began, but it started young. Very young. Before I even owned my first camera, I used to assemble cameras out of legos and walk around pretending to take pictures (read: I was very cool). By the time I became a lowly little 3rd grader, my art teacher, Ms. Morgan, started an after school photography club. My parents bought me my very first camera, which still sits on my office shelves today.

What was Ms. Morgan’s photography club like? Imagine a flock of 8 year olds wandering around the playground while taking pictures of tire swings and jungle gyms, and that pretty much sums up the cuteness.

But there was more to it than that. Ms. Morgan gave us assignments that started molding our young minds to think creatively. We would trek out to that playground, and she would instruct us to take a picture of that swing set in 3 completely different and unique ways. She gave us assignments to create photos on our own time, to explore themes like texture, lighting, shadows, lines, and symmetry. Slowly, through that little Kodak Star viewfinder, I learned the basics of composition and what it takes to make a beautiful photo. I carry this lessons with me today. Who knew I would be still exploring photography over 20 years later! Thanks, Ms. Morgan!