Quad Cities Engagement

Sallie & Tyler's Quad Cities EngagementRock Island, IL & Davenport, IA


As many of you know, Augustana College is my alma mater. Since graduating from here back in '09, the Quad Cities have held a very special place in my heart. It's always a joy to return to this metropolis along the mighty Mississippi, and even better when I get to visit campus. Augustana College's campus in the fall is beyond beautiful. It's a perfect place for photos! I made two special trips out to the Quad Cities this October and had the opportunity to work with 2 engaged couples. Sallie graduated from Augustana a few years ago, and she knew she wanted to use the campus as the setting for her engagement photos. I had a great time working with Sallie and Tyler for this Quad Cities engagement session. Thank you both so much! I hope you enjoy these photos. :)