What to Do With Your Digital Wedding Images

What to Do With Your Digital Wedding Images

What to Do With Your Digital Wedding Images, by Artistrie Co.

Receiving the digital images from the wedding day is the current trend in wedding photography packages. Couples are looking to own the complete collection of their images so that they can have access to them throughout their lifetime. So now that you have those digital files, what do you do with them? 

Back. Them. Up.

I’m serious. If you haven’t backed up your wedding photos, stop reading this article, buy an external hard drive, and go save your files right now. The downfall of receiving digital images is just that: they are digital. Digital files can be erased with one click of a button, and USB drives can easily get lost. And don't forget about ever-changing technology. Remember the floppy disc? Gone. Remember CD-Roms? As good as dead. While I currently deliver my client’s digital files on a USB drive, it’s only a matter of time before a newer technology emerges. Stay up-to-date and re-save your digital images on newer devices as they become relevant.

After you receive your digital files, save in at least 2 different places. I recommend that you first save the entire collection to your computers. Next, I recommend to buy an external flash drive or external hard drive and save your wedding photos there. The more places you save and store your wedding files, the better you’ll be able to protect your investment.

Print Your Wedding Photos

Print Your Photos

This seems like a given, but in such a digital age, we’re more likely to share our pictures on Facebook than we are to print photos to display in our homes. Photographs are meant to be printed! In my opinion, having the digital images is useless unless you plan to get them off your screen and into your hands. For the best quality print possible, order through your photographer. A professional photography lab is going to use a higher quality and longer lasting printing paper and will make sure each and every photo is color corrected to perfection. Take advantage of this! Especially for the favorite photographs you want to display in your home. While you'll always have the option to print elsewhere, pharmacy photo labs are cheap for a reason. Now repeat after me, "I will print my wedding photos."

Wedding Albums by Artistrie Co.

Order an Album

There is no better feeling than to have all of your happy wedding memories in one place. While you may frame your favorite portraits and a few candids from your ceremony and reception, a majority of the day will only remain accessible through your computer screen. A wedding album gives you the opportunity to showcase the story of the day, from start to finish. Your album will carry the candid getting ready moments from the morning, the most emotional memories during your ceremony, the sentimental details, the laughter and celebration at your reception, and that end of the night kiss. In short, it’s one of the best investments you can make. This way, you won’t be rolling up chairs to the computer desk every time you want to enjoy your wedding photos. Instead, you’ll be snuggling up on the couch and turning each page together as you travel down memory lane.